For the second year in the run I was able to freeze my wedding photography prices in 2014 thanks to my suppliers and other costs remaining more or less stable.

Price is always such an emotive topic in wedding photography. I completely understand its a very expensive time for couples and without fully understanding a wedding photographers cost structure it’s often hard for couples to understand why wedding photography is so expensive.

For many couples they just see the tip of the iceberg, the day of the wedding and a few emails before and afterwards and it’s understandable why they believe the price paid is just for a days work rather than the entire week it usually is, researching a new venue, admin, equipment checks, post processing and image management. Not to mention the on-going overheads of running a business as the I.T infrastructure, marketing and keeping accounts.

My approach to pricing has always been to charge enough that I can do a good job without having to cut too many corners such as using cheap albums that may fade in the coming years and having the resources available to have backups of images and equipment on hand in case of failure while maintaining a decent standard of living. I don’t aim to be cheapest, I never have, but I do aim to offer good value.


  • dilek
    Feb 15 2017
    Wow ! you offer wedding photography at very rare prices. I like it
  • ER Photography
    ER Photography
    May 03 2017
    Nice Blog ! I will appreciate your work and you offer wedding photography services at very rare prices.

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