Wedding Photographer in Farnborough

Hello! My name is Brian Parkes. I am an accredited wedding photographer in Farnborough, Hampshire.

I turned professional in 2003 and have been shooting weddings ever since and have now completed over 170 weddings in all conditions ranging from sunshine to snow! I am familiar with many of the local wedding venues within a 1 hour radius of Farnborough and would be delighted to meet with you and discuss your requirements for your wedding photography. You don’t need to travel to London or anywhere else to find great photographer, you have a more than capable wedding photographer in Farnborough!

Why Hire Me Instead of Other Wedding Photographers in Farnborough?

I am not the only wedding photographer in Farnborough. #there are different photographers available for different budgets and needs. I am positioned to offer a great service without cutting corners but one that remains affordable. I don’t aim to be the cheapest wedding photographer in Farnborough, but I do aim to offer the best value.

Skill – Please view my gallery pages for examples. I am not just another guy with a camera but have learnt my photography skills from the ground up and understand the technical and artistic processes required to capture beautiful wedding photographs.

Experience – I started my business in 2003. Don’t take my word for it, go to and type into the search bar and you can see how long I have been in the business. Now do the same for all of my competitors, its rare to find anybody who comes even close! Experience means I can shrug off issues like rain, and when things do not run to plan with your guests or venue. I’ve come up against most issues before and have the ability to adapt to what the day brings.

Qualified – I hold a licentiate from the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers which means my work has been assessed and deemed to fit professional standards. Anybody can setup as a wedding photographer, you just need a camera and an advert to do so. Very few are capable of actually becoming accredited.

Contract & Business Ethics – I provide you with a contract which lays down in Black & White exactly what I must provide and at what cost. I will always uphold my end of the deal, even around 2008 when album suppliers (including all of mine) went bankrupt I upgraded all affected clients to the next step up in terms of album quality at no extra charge. A reputation takes a lifetime to build and seconds to destroy and so I conduct all of my business with the highest level ethics towards my clients as possible.

Service Minded – I appreciate you are not just buying wedding photography, you are also buying a service. You may be nervous or worried about the pictures not turning out or the reliability of your wedding photographer and so I make a point of open and honest communication to keep you informed on the status of your images and albums so you always know I’m on the case.

Community Support – I am actively involved in the local community of Farnborough. I served for a number of years as the area press officer for the Army Cadet Force in a voluntary capacity and have recently started supporting the ATC in Farnborough as a Civilian Instructor.

Don’t just take my word for it, have a look around my website or view some of my videos on YouTube, if you like what you see please feel free to arrange an appointment to discuss your wedding photography in Farnborough or the surrounding areas.


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    Engagement Photos - Brian Parkes Photography
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