Wedding Photographer in Camberley

Portrait & Wedding Photographer in Camberley

Are you looking for a Portrait & Wedding Photographer in Camberley? I cover portrait and wedding photography from my base in Farnborough.

Camberley is surrounded by great locations for portrait and wedding photography. This is partly due to the Green belt surrounding London. Another factor is the large amount of large country estates from a bygone era. Whatever the reason, Camberley has some great locations in close proximity.

Wedding Photography in Camberley

There are some great wedding venues for wedding photography around Camberley. Some of my favourites include Rivervale Barn in Yateley, Frimley Hall Hotel and Lakeside Country club.

From the perspective of a wedding photographer in Camberley, all of these venues are high quality owing to their beautiful grounds. A prospective couple could certainly do a lot worse.

Casting your net slightly further there is also the fantastic Warbrook House and Tylney Hall Hotel. These are larger than the venues previously mentioned. Both of these venues provide grounds that are a delight for a wedding photographer and less than 25 minutes away from Camberley.

Engagement Photography in Camberley

There are many areas suitable for engagement photography in Camberley. A lot of these are military training areas such as nearby Hawley woods. Another option is to use your chosen wedding venue, although you should check with them this is OK first. Many venues are only too happy to allow their couples to use their grounds but it is important to check there isn’t another wedding that day!

Portrait Photography in Camberley

I also provide family and portrait photography in and around Camberley. All of my family and portrait photography is now location, rather than studio based. There are lots of areas in and around Camberley suitable for portrait photography. For portraiture all we really need is a clear space which can be Green or urban. Camberley and the surrounding towns has many areas suitable for that purpose.

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