Warbrook House Wedding Photography

A Warbrook House Wedding is one of my favourite ways to spend a Saturday and furthermore,  Warbrook House is one of my all time favourite wedding venues. Its a good ‘all rounder’ having something to offer in all weathers. To show just that I’ve included some Warbrook House wedding photography images I’ve shot on both Sunny and Snowy days. It helps that I only live just down the road in Farnborough too!

So what makes Warbrook House wedding photography so special? From a photographer’s point of view its due to the number of dry and wet wedding photography options. Outside there is plenty of space due to a wide open lawn flanked by trees. Inside is a dream due to large spacious rooms painted in neutral colours and with respectably high ceilings. Below we will discuss some of the features in more detail.

Warbrook House Hotel Front

The front of Warbrook House has a number of features that can be used:

Long drive – This immediately tells all visiting that this is a special and rather grand location that will lend itself well to wedding photography due to strong leading lines.

Front Lawn – To the front of the hotel there are landscaped lawns with mature tree’s. These are very useful for providing shade in very sunny conditions because of  contrast lowering effect on the brides dress. Secondly the shade will keep everybody cool between the wedding service and wedding breakfast when I am photographing the groups.

Gravelled Area – Nearer to the hotel there is a large gravelled area which is very useful due to it not becoming muddy or too soft underfoot following wet weather. It is surrounded by interesting brickwork that can be used as a backdrop. This is a useful addition feature for any wedding photographer because it allows photography outside even when the ground is wet.

Front Steps – Steps leading up to the hotel make a handy stage for groups photographs. For larger groups a window overlooking the area and accessible from top of the stairs is available  and allows us a birds eye view for an ‘all guests’ photograph.

Warbrook House Left Side (From Front)

The side of the hotel also has some features of note:

Evergreens – Walking left around to the side of the hotel there are some evergreens which turn a lovely golden Red colour in winter. These make a wonderful and very beautiful backdrop for your Warbrook House wedding photography because of the splash of colour.

Side Lawn – Continuing around a landscaped area provides the opportunity to bring strong geometric shapes into the composition. This is a useful feature because of the symmetry and leading lines it offers.

Warbrook House Rear

The rear of Warbrook House is also very pleasant. it has a few features that can be used including:

Rear Lawn – The rear of Warbrook House offers a large expanse of lawn, which can be used effectively for groups.

Water Feature – At the rear of the garden is a water feature which can make for a nice backdrop during the couples portraits or the groups.

Willows – There are also some lovely willows which make a nice backdrop due to the height and texture they offer.

Warbrook House Interior

Indoors the venue is light and airy because of high ceilings and large windows. Because of this, the room at the rear of the hotel is often used for a drinks reception is suitable for shooting groups  in bad weather. The interior decoration of Warbrook House does not give any technical lighting issues either because of the warm neutral colour palate. Just watch were the wedding cake is placed because of the support beams. These can cause bounced flash to be uneven because of the baffling effect they have on the light.

Inside areas of particular interest are:

Windows – There are some lovely large windows, beautiful due to letting in lots of light. The best is actually in one of the conference rooms upstairs.

Bar – the bar area next to the rear lounge is particularly light and airy due to the side wall being mainly glass.

In Summary

Warbrook House Hotel is a great local venue due to being a good all-rounder. For wet weather its hard to beat because of its natural light, high ceilings and neutral decor.

I hope you have found this review useful. If you are looking for Warbrook House Wedding Photography, please feel free to get in touch!

Warbrook House Wedding Venue:

The Street
RG27 0PL


  • Reinita
    Dec 13 2015
    This is so nice Colin, lots of fantastic meimroes to go with the images! i like all of them and find it difficult to choose a favourite.Anyway, i think No14 has won for me.. i love the fun aspect to it and i can imaging its how a lot Grooms may feel!!Top stuff Colin.

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