Tylney Hall Wedding Photography- Italian Gardens

Whether you are are planning your wedding at Tylney Hall Hotel or are a wedding photographer researching a wedding photography shoot there, this article aims to explain why the Italian Gardens make such a great backdrop for your wedding photography at Tylney hall.


Tylney Hall is a beautiful old manor house that has been converted into lovely Hotel, it is set in its own grounds including a golf course, a kitchen garden and water garden as well as wilder areas but this article will focus specifically on the Italian garden at the rear of the main building.

Wide ‘Establishing’ Photographs

An establishing shot sets the scene for your story in your wedding album and is typically a wider shot establishing the landscape and backdrop of your wedding day. Tylney Hall offers several such viewpoints from which to introduce the viewer of your album to setting of your wedding day.

One of my favourite viewpoints is accessed from the top of the stone spiral stairway which opens up onto a small flat roof. From here a wide shot can be taken of the entire Italian garden, with trees and lakes in the distance and with a Blue sky leaves an incredible impression.

The same viewpoint can also be used capture an establishing ‘arial’ shot of all of your guests gathered on the Patio area.

Another of my favourite options at Tylney Hall is from the Italian gardens looking back up towards the house. Either square on from behind the fountain (mind the wires!) or at an angle from the right hand side of the garden as you look back at the main hotel building.

There are many other establishing options around the Italian gardens and indeed two other sides of Tylney Hall (the front and side away from the car park) such as from the car park end of the patio area but the above two are my favourite wide views in the Italian Gardens at Tylney Hall Hotel.

Group Photographs

For group photograph elements of your wedding photography your photographer has lots of options to keep your photography interesting, some of which become incredible at certain times of year.

Wisteria Wall – the main front wall of the Italian gardens that has steps leading back up the hotel comes alive with Purple Wisteria in the spring and can make a fantastic backdrop for your group photograph if your wedding is at the right time of year. It’s pleasant year round, but excels in spring.

Stone Steps – The stone steps leading up to the side of the Hotel furthest from the car park is a great staging area for small groups and allows your wedding photographer to play with different heights to keep your wedding photographs interesting. The relatively plain background colour and strong shapes also work in the steps favour for your group wedding photographs. Throughout the summer by mid afternoon the sun is also above and behind the steps, making a nice ‘halo’ effect on the subjects hair and preventing the need to squint into the sun.

Back Hedge – the hedge that lines the end of the Italian Gardens has a flowerbed in front and is cut into an interesting castle battlements shape which offers both a non distracting background and interesting colour. As different plants are planted along the length of the flowerbed its possible to move around to work with what is in season and flowering and doesn’t clash.

Hotel backdrop – standing on the lawn towards the end further from the car park your wedding photographer can also get a lovely shot of you and your family with the rear of the Hotel in the background.

Centre Lawn – with the lawn being sunken from the main wall nearest the hotel your wedding photographer can get a great photograph of everybody by learning over the top of the wall.

Couple Photographs

Over the years I have worked out the optimal route through the Italian Gardens at Tylney Hall hotel that delivers some stunning wedding photography yet can be accomplished in less than 20 minutes!

Patio on Steps – Square on with wide vista in background, beautiful when the Wisteria is out, but even without the wide open space behind really makes for a beautiful wedding photograph.

Stone steps – using stone walls as picture frame and shallow depth of field so steps are blurred out.

Stone Structure 1 – This can be photographed in a number of ways. I usually photograph it square on using the arch with the couple directly underneath. I also tend to take a close up over wall to highlight the couple then a long shot from bottom path to get full effect of structure. This is also a great wet weather option as you can have some wedding photographs outside, without actually getting wet! The colour of the stone here is makes a lovely complimentary colour to the couples skin tones, creating a nice colour matched image.

Path – walking along path holding hands. With path leading into the couple makes a nice shot taken while moving from set piece to another.

Trees & Bench – Sometimes there is a bench up near a small group of trees at the top end of the garden which can be used to get some romantic shots looking over the lake. Even without the bench the trees can be used as great markers for some split foreground background shots with the couple at different distances.

Stone structure 2 – I use the double arch created by trees and stone arch beyond to frame the couple, then move close up to do a portrait using the directional light created by structure. This looks incredible when the Ivy turns a brilliant Red colour in the autumn. I have shot some of my all time favourite wedding photographs here.

Flat steps by stone structure 2 – This is a nice quick photograph which shows the main hotel building as the backdrop

Main Garden – There is plenty of scope in the main garden itself, by leaving this until the very end it is usually free of guests who have been directed down to the Chestnut suite or other room for the wedding breakfast, making it easier to shoot an work efficiently without well wishers and interruptions.


In summary even limiting ourselves to just the Italian gardens (which you don’t have to) there is a great deal of variety and opportunities for your wedding photographer to really make the most of your wedding photography at Tylney Hall.

If you a couple still looking for your wedding photographer at Tylney Hall Hotel I would be delighted to hear from you and am based not far away in Farnborough, Hampshire.

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