Tylney Hall Hotel Wedding – Ann & Stewart

After a very dreary morning I arrived at Tylney Hall for the wedding of Anna  & Stewart just before 2pm and was greeted with glorious sunshine.

After capturing a few images of the ceremony room and introducing myself to the other wedding suppliers I made my way up to Anna’s room.

All of the rooms at Tylney Hall are a decent size, but with a few people getting ready in there it didn’t leave a lot of free space where I would have a relatively free clutter free background. A little bit of furniture moving and I managed to create a couple of working spaces to shoot the brides shoes, flowers and rings.

While there was plenty of ambient light available in the room it  was very flat and so I set up a simple shoot through brolly with off-camera flash on a compact light stand in order create a little directional lighting and worked around 1 stop above the available ambient light.

With Anna about to get ready I headed down the bar to catch a few images of the guests arriving and then on to the room all setup for the wedding breakfast. Again there was plenty of light but not where I needed it so I turned to my trusty off-camera flash setup to light the cake and tables.

I then trotted back up to photograph Anna, the Bridesmaid and Flower girl in their dresses before making my way back to the service in order to catch the Groom and best man waiting.

After a short service during which I shot some handheld images in the available light we went outside to take a few groups and finally explore the water gardens a little while taking some photographs of the bride and groom.

We had started the photographs about 20 minutes late as the registrar had arrived late but I managed to bring them pretty much back on time earning a ‘well done’ from Laura one of the banqueting managers. I like to finish on time, it makes the staff’s lives easier trying to keep food ready and nobody likes overly mushy roast potatoes!

After the speeches it all went quiet for a little while as the staff turned the room around for the evening. I setup some lights for the cake cutting on the dance floor and the first dance in preparation and when the time finally came around lighting them was easy.

I did miscalculate my exit al little however. I usually book my taxi for 20-30 minutes after I am meant to leave in case there is a slight overrun but with a planned 10pm finish and after talking to the DJ I genuinely believed 10 minutes would be plenty as they were aiming for 9pm. As it was Anna & Stewart cut their cake and started their dance at 10:05 and I was rushing out as soon as the first dance was over to catch my ride home!

It was a very pleasant day, not too sunny, not too cold but after starting at the dance studio at 08:30 for my regular dance lesson with my wife and finishing at 10pm I needed a bit of a lie in on the Sunday!

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