Supadance Finals 2015

Well the photographs from the Supadance finals 2015 are long overdue (it was three months ago!) but well anybody who attends the Supadance finals will tell you, it takes about that long to get over it! Awful room at the Norbreck followed by the whole family going ill for about a month afterwards and then just a mad busy time with Christmas, decorating, new kitchen, household jobs, its only now we are starting to get some sense of normality!

I didn’t take so many pictures this year as my little ones were competing and my wife and I were competing in both the adult and senior sections so there just wasn’t the time. I  did however manage to get some of the juniors and all girl couples. Apologies to everybody else. Watching the little ones and then competing ourselves meant we didn’t really get much of a break during the weekend, although it was a great honour to be asked to dance on the adult team I’m not sure I would want to do it again while we still have to be there early for the little ones!

As always the problem taking pictures at Blackpool is light, or rather lack of it. The full frame camera helps as does the image stabilisation but a couple of big floodlight banks would make a world of difference! My camera and lense choices are geared towards my main photography work which is weddings and portraits and I ‘make do’ for low-light sports. As tempting as the 70-200 F2.8 lens is, the weight would finish me off at a wedding, its 3lb in weight by itself!

Anyway hope you enjoy, you can see the full gallery here and please feel free to download pictures of yourself, friends and family for personal use.


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