Silchester House Wedding Photography

This is a review of Silchester House wedding photography from a wedding photographers perspective. Aimed at helping couples who are considering getting married there understand what Silchester House has to offer when it comes to their wedding photographs.

Silchester house is one of those venues that really stand out. It isn’t’ the grandest venue and while the grounds are large and beautiful they are not particularly landscaped but there is something very special about the way it all fits together. Feng Shui? I don’t know but you walk into the venue and it just feels ‘right’.

The house itself is a Victorian country house, the brickwork has been rendered and painted a light cream colour giving it a nice fresh feel. It’s an elongated shape which suits the style of the house very well.

The bedrooms where you may find yourself preparing for your wedding are spacious and have plenty of natural light. The owners have decorated the walls with a nice White coloured ceiling, light neutrally coloured walls and a nice light wooden floor. This allows the light to bounce around inside and makes it ideal for wedding photography! The bedroom has a 4 poster bed and is a really nice area for you to put on your make up and prepare for your wedding.

The room used to host the service is a good size and has a warm colour to it. The walls are half wood-panelled in a nice light coloured wood (Beech perhaps?) and is done in a modern and not old-fashioned style. The wood panelling really helps as it feels neither plain not cluttered. The flooring is lovely in this room and it shares the same light wooden flooring which is used throughout the hotel and gives the room a slightly rustic yet at the same time contemporary feel.

Outside the house sits on a large well tendered lawn which has a number of mature trees and makes a great place for your group photographs. The garden also has a number of features which can be used for backdrops including a few Topiary projects and a square arch. The gardens also have some brickwork and low walls which can also be to add variety and interest in your wedding photographs.

The gardens have everything you need really, nice sunny spots and shade provided by the mature tree’s should you want it. It’s also nice and level which shouldn’t give too much trouble to any wheelchair bound, elderly or infirm guests you may have in your party.

One of the things I like about the garden is that you have different backgrounds you can use all within easy reach of the main house. There is no need to go wandering miles, everything is very close at hand.
The grounds make this a great summer venue and I have no doubt a winter wedding could be accommodated her quite easily too although I have not been lucky enough to shoot a wedding here in winter yet.

One of the great things about this venue is that they are licensed for indoor and outdoor wedding services. Essentially this means you can plan your wedding outdoors but as you have exclusive use of the venue for the day if the weather doesn’t look good on the day it can be setup inside instead. I really like that idea.

Your wedding breakfast can be hosted in either in the room where the service can be held or outside in the purpose built marquee, both a great options.

In summary I really like Silchester House, I’d definitely consider it for my own wedding.  It’s big enough to make an impression yet homely enough to not feel pretentious. It has opportunities both inside and outside and overall it’s very hard to fault.  The staff are very friendly and happy to incorporate your own ideas, on one occasion I photographed a wedding there the bride and groom had placed 6′ posters of themselves from various holidays and it’s this flexibility, along with the venues obvious charms that make it such a good wedding venue. If I had to summarise the venue with one word it would be ‘fun’.  I think it’s a great choice and one I would consider myself. If you are looking for a venue in the area I think it is one that definitely deserves to be on your shortlist.

Silchester House
Holly Lane

I hope this review of the photographic potential of Silchester House has been useful for you and if you are looking for a photographer to cover your event here please feel free to get in touch!


  • Jonathan Waterman
    Jonathan Waterman
    Dec 18 2016
    As an award winning, wedding and events Wedding and Events Toastmaster, Planner, Coordination and Celebrant I have worked at many venues and alongside many professionals, and I have to say this has been both written and captured very professionally, very inspirational, very interesting reading for your viewers. keep up the excellent work. Regards Jonathan Waterman (

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