Rivervale Barn Wedding Photography

The Rivervale Barn wedding Venue is real addition to Hampshire’s wedding venues. This review aims to describe a Rivervale Barn wedding from a wedding photography perspective.

Rivervale Barn wedding photographs look stunning, there is no getting away from the fact. Furthermore, Rivervale Barn is one of Hampshire’s newest and best maintained wedding venues. I shot this place when it was brand new and years later, it seems like the management has kept well on top of repairs.

Rivervale Barn Layout

On paper the layout is perfect because of three distinct and sectioned off areas. These cover the wedding service, wedding reception and wedding breakfast. This is great from a wedding photography perspective because it means the room for the wedding breakfast is already setup. This is important because it means your wedding photographer can photograph your tables at anytime in the day. It doesn’t need to be changed from wedding service to wedding breakfast as some wedding venues do.

The Rivervale Barn Wedding reception area is flooded with natural because of two very large windows. This area is converted to your evening disco while you eat and is a nice open space. Unfortunately, on a summer evening they continue to do so during your first dance! Furthermore on a clear summer evening the window is directly facing the setting sun and because of that can be quite harsh. It could do with some kind of screen or curtain to control the light in the summer evenings.

The room the wedding services are held in at Rivervale Barn are quite light and airy although a little plain. This could easily be improved with decorative flowers and chair covers to dress the room. that is not bad because the room is a blank canvas. There is an issue in here with lighting as very warm coloured bulbs have been used to accent the wood. These do not balance with the exterior light which can look quite Blue in comparison. This can be eliminated if your wedding photographer plans to use Black & White Photography.

The section reserved for the wedding breakfast is really very special because a big open space with high ceilings. It is accented perfectly by fairy light netting adorning solid wooden pillars. It’s a lovely space with a clean, elegant, yet comfortable feel. I love photographing this space from the balcony above because it creates lovely ‘establishing’ or ‘scene setting’ wedding photographs.

The standard of the build is evident everywhere.  Solid wood pillars and attention to detail in the fittings and furnishings are everywhere you look. It’s a barn with a very contemporary feel, purpose built for weddings and with a lot of potential.

Rivervale Barn Wedding Garden

The river vale barn wedding garden is beautiful and contains a large ornamental pond with lots of little areas. This is great because it gives options to vary the backgrounds of your wedding photographs. The grounds are not huge yet are fit for purpose because of quality. The gardener has chosen well because in the autumn there are some beautiful Reds which add a splash of colour.

In addition to the wedding  garden there is a large courtyard to keep the smokers among your party dry in the event of wet weather. The fire exit signs here could be a little more discreet but it is a useful area for group photographs when raining.

The courtyard is useful for group photographs following rain because the grounds themselves have a clay base and can get a little muddy when wet. This is an important point to consider, especially relevant for wetter times of the year.

Rivervale Barn Wedding Food

The food at a Rivervale Barn wedding is excellent because its flavoursome, perfectly proportioned and well presented. Furthermore I found the staff to be helpful and efficient.

Rivervale Barn Wedding Negatives

As beautiful as the Rivervale  Barn wedding venue plainly is there are a few issues but it seems like there is nothing dreadful.

The biggest issue is various sections are closed and locked off at various points of the day. It is not a major problem while its a useful to have the space. For example, if you had guests who wanted to go and breastfeed somewhere quiet. Furthermore the grounds are closed and locked when you come in for your meal. This means the option of having a stroll in the evening is eliminated.

I think part of the issue here is that the owners live on site because there seems to be a conflict of interests between the needs of the wedding and how much of their home the owners are willing to share. This is probably fair enough if made clear at the time of booking. I would not discount the idea of a Rivervale Barn wedding on those grounds because the positives outweigh the negatives yet  I would be aware.

The policies at Rivervale Barn are improving. On my first visit we were sent outside to take group photographs in the rain! In my last visit, the service section was very kindly opened it up so that we could do some group photographs in there while it was raining. In addition the manager, a lovely Scottish lady also arranged to open up the gardens again after the meal. We had been unable to get photographs of them earlier because of  rain. Its a positive sign because it signals a more service thinking attitude and I hope this direction continues.

Rivervale Barn Wedding Summary

In Summary a Rivervale Barn wedding is beautiful. Furthermore  it will tick the boxes of a lot of couples because of its layout and beauty. If you can live within the limits it is a beautiful venue to hold your wedding and has lots of wedding photography options.  Its definitely one worth consideration because of its layout, beauty and charm.

Rivervale Barn Wedding Venue:

Mill Farm Mill Ln
GU46 7SS

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