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College Leaver & Prom Photography



Most of the images I take are candid, recording events as they unfold, allowing you to get on and enjoy your big day.



I stage certain images such as groups and couple portraits as they will not happen by themselves. They account for a small %.



Even with staged photographs, I tend to keep things quite informal. Tidy and neat, yes. But still very much informal.



I engage with you and your guests to shoot from the perspective of an insider, rather than that of a passive bystander.


Capture the start of a new adventure!

What are you waiting for? We aren’t going to get any younger! There is no time like the present to capture a beautiful portrait of yourself.

Leaving school, college or university is a big deal. It defines the end of an important chapter in a young persons life and the start of a new one. With youth on the leaver’s side, it is also the perfect time to capture them in their prime!

For parents, having a beautiful portrait is a lovely way to remember them when they are away at college and to remember your family when they have left home and are living on their own or with their new families.

For the leaver, it is an opportunity to capture yourself in your prime. Not happy with the way you look now? Wait until another 30 years have passed! Trust me, you’ll look back and think you looked amazing!

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