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Most of the images I take are candid, recording events as they unfold, allowing you to get on and enjoy your big day.



I stage certain images such as groups and couple portraits as they will not happen by themselves. They account for a small %.



Even with staged photographs, I tend to keep things quite informal. Tidy and neat, yes. But still very much informal.



I engage with you and your guests to shoot from the perspective of an insider, rather than that of a passive bystander.


My prices are set to allow me to use good quality equipment, albums and offer a great level of service without being excessive. I never aim to be the cheapest, my quality is too high for that, but I do aim to offer great value!

To minimise risk to yourself I have structured my pricing to include a very small outlay of just £30 for the session fee. This includes a shoot up to 1.5 hours and all of the post-processing.

You can then by either single digital images at £30 each or the whole lot for £130 depending on if you want the cheapest price or the best value.

choose one of my


Session Fee
30 £
Modest Investment

Up to 1.5 hour session
All images prepared for sale
Up to 12 images chosen for further enhancement

Individual Digital File
30 £
Cheapest Option

Individual images £30 each
No minimum spend
Images suitable for enlargements
Convienient Download

Image Bundle
130 £
Best Value

All images from shoot
files suitable for enlargements
Convienient download

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