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Portrait Photography in Farnborough

I offer location based portrait photography in Farnborough and surrounding areas. I now work exclusively on location having been freed from the studio due to advances in mobile lighting!

shooting portraits outside does remove an element of control because of Farnborough weather, but the results are worth it. You don’t live in a White background environment and so why would you want your portrait captured that way? A portrait should reveal who you are because of that an environmental portrait is the way to go. What do you like to do and where do you like to do it because that is the essence of you? For example ideas include walking with  your family in your favourite spot, playing your instrument or riding your bike. How do you want people to see you because fundamentally that is what a portrait is about!

Please note that while I have offered studio based portraits in the past, I no longer do. I still shoot indoors and outdoors, but the clinical White room is gone forever! I prefer to work with flash outdoors now. The first 12 or so images are portraits shot with flash and there are also some shots without and a few studio shots for comparison.

Outdoor Portrait Photography Practicalities

Outdoor portrait photography has some practicalities to consider because of the weather. Generally speaking, anywhere in Farnborough or the surrounding areas is practical, weather allowing.

Outdoor portraits sessions are therefore pencilled in and not written in stone due to the weather. I can work with cold or hot days, bright or overcast but rain outdoors is a problem because water and electrical equipment does not mix well! In the event of rain we will simply reschedule to another time that suits us both and moreover, will give us the best images.

Another consideration is clothing which should be appropriate for the conditions of course. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter sessions require very different outfits due to temperature. For one thing, in the event you feel too hot or cold, you will look it in your portrait!

You also need to consider that there will be nowhere to change because of being outside. It is therefore best to choose one timeless classic outfit because of how fashions change although outer layers and accessories are an exception.

Finally parents, similarly to any portrait session you need to plan how to keep your children happy because it will show otherwise! A big bag of Haribo is useful although not chocolate due to the mess it can make. Additionally, make sure everybody is fed and happy before the shoot because of how little ones tend to suffer from being hangry more than most!

I advise you to travel light rather than be weighed down by accessories because of the fact it will be you who has to carry it! A few tops are OK, coupled with a few accessories.

A Typical Outdoor Portrait Photography Shoot

A typical outdoor portrait photography shoot would involve spending an hour to an hour and half in a local spot, although the only limit is your imagination. The best time of day is to be in position an  hour before sunset because of the angle of the sun. This is known as the ‘Golden hour’ by photographers and is when the light is at its best, especially on a nice clear day.

Typically there is a little walking and then a few photographs at several different areas to vary the images.

Your portrait session can involve a single person or a small group like a family. Where a small group is being photographed not only will we take some group portraits but also some individual to give you additional choices.

Booking a Portrait Photography Session

I do typically need a little notice to book a portrait session although if the light looks great why not give me call? I take bookings at weekends throughout the year and weekday evenings during long summer nights.

Portrait Photography Prices

After trying various packages in the studio over the years, prices are now much more simplified.

Session fee: £30, payable at the start of the session. Please have correct change!

Images on USB: £120, payable when you order having seen them. Expect between 10 to 30 images.

Getting the Most From Your Portrait Session

Below are a few simple tips in order to help  you get the most from your portrait session.

  • Arrive looking as want to be photographed because the woods does not have a changing room!
  • Don’t be too trendy because fashions age and your portrait should last a lifetime.
  • Eat before you come, in addition feed the kids because being hangry can ruin a session.
  • Arrive feeling happy because it WILL show if you feel grumpy!
  • Relax on the shoot, because if your stressed it will kill it.
  • Have fun, be ready to participate and smile!
  • Change your stance or head position shot to shot because it adds variation. Have a look at model posing videos on YouTube. It will feel weird, but if you want to look like a supermodel, you have to act like one!


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