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My style of wedding photography is a mix of ‘story-telling’ and ‘informal portrait’.

Whilst a documentary photographer will capture events as they unfold, I act more as the narrator in your story. I set the context, link the various scenes together and make clear those finer points which are not obvious on their own.

Every story has a beginning, a middle and an end. I miror this in your album, setting the context of your album with the beginning, breaking the main story into a number of definable ‘chapters’ and then ending on a high.

As with any good story-teller, I embellish where necessary to portray your story in the best possible way, tidying up background details, moving furniture and adding light.

Part of that story-telling is in the medium through which it is told. I use a type of album most suited to story-telling allowing multiple images to be shown on a double page spread. These are produced from my suppler in Italy, they take about 6 weeks, but the results are worth it! You can also purchase just the images if you wish to produce your own album.

Informal Story Telling

Most of the images I take are candid, recording events as they unfold, allowing you to get on and enjoy your big day. I edit 'in-camera, choosing my angles, crops and depths of field carefully to focus on the key elements.

Arranged Portrait

Certain things just won't happen on their own, the groups and couple portraits for instance. I'll set these up in an informal way to make sure they happen. I work from a list of key photographs you definitely want and we arrange that before your wedding.


Even with staged photographs, I tend to keep things quite Relaxed. Tidy and neat, yes. But still very much a relaxed affair. I believe if you feel relaxed and like you are having fun you will look that way. My whole ethos is based on that!


I interact with you and your guests and try to capture the day from the perspective of an insider to your day, rather than a bystander looking in. I specifically use a fixed 35mm prime lens to reinforce that first person perspective.


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