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Most of the images I take are candid, recording events as they unfold, allowing you to get on and enjoy your big day.



I stage certain images such as groups and couple portraits as they will not happen by themselves. They account for a small %.



Even with staged photographs, I tend to keep things quite informal. Tidy and neat, yes. But still very much informal.



I engage with you and your guests to shoot from the perspective of an insider, rather than that of a passive bystander.


My prices are set to allow me to use good quality equipment, albums and offer a great level of service without being excessive. I put good value and quality over focussing purely on price where important compromises have to be made.

It is important to realise that a good wedding photographer is like an iceberg, you only see the tip of the work they do. For every day you see me shooting, there is at least another week of work preparing, post-processing and preparing your album. The prices below are not a day rate!

See below for some guideline packages but note that I can be flexible to accommodate different requirements. Should you need more or less coverage, let me know. One size does not fit all.

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Budget Wedding
895 £

8 hours on location
No limit on pictures taken
All images post processed
High resolution files on USB Drive

Luxury Wedding
1250 £

8 hours on location
No limit on pictures taken
All images post processed
Luxury modern storybook album
High resolution images on USB

Engagement Shoot
From £195 £
Get to know me

2 hours on location
Spend time getting comfortable with me
Up to 50 Images on USB
Up to 15 edited images
Lo-res images for Facebook
Hi-res images on CD
£100 discount on your wedding photography

Custom Package
? £

You tell me what you need!
Choice of presentation format
custom coverage
Additional features?

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