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Engagement Photography

Removed from the time limit and practical constraints of a wedding, Engagement shoots are increasingly popular and for good reason. Away from your family and guests its a time to focus on just you or your family unit, leisurely exploring a local park to get some great images you will cherish forever.

Having engagement photos taken is a fantastic idea for many reasons. Here are just a couple and why you should consider hiring me for your engagement shoot:

  • Trial me as your wedding photographer
  • To use the images in your wedding stationery
  • As a practice run for your wedding photography
  • Because you love beautiful pictures

Note that couples who book me for their wedding after an engagement shoot will receive £150 discount off their wedding booking. This effectively makes the price of an engagement shoot just £45.

Trial me as your photographer

You only get one shot to get your wedding photos right. You can’t retry if you don’t like the results and so choosing the right photographer is important. It isn’t just the style, personality and somebody you ‘click’ with (excuse the pun) are just as important. Using your engagement photo shoot as a trial for your wedding photos is a great idea.

For your wedding stationery

Use your engagement photos on your invites and other stationery. Creating personalised wedding invites is a great way to use your engagement photos. These are so much more personal than a standard invite card and needn’t cost much more. You are provided with digital copies and use any number of suppliers to produce them.

You can also use engagement photos on a collage board. Many couples do collage boards as a way of explaining the story of how they met and their lives leading up to the wedding.

Consider mounting one of your favourite engagement photos and leaving out for guests to sign the mount. At the end of the wedding, have the mount framed to make a lovely keepsake. This is a lovely idea and one I wish I had done. You can’t get more personal than your framed engagement photo on a mount signed by all of your wedding guests.

There are lots of ways you can use your engagement photos. If you create a page on social media for your wedding you can use them as background and gallery images there.

Practice 'modelling'

Here is food for thought. You may hire the best wedding photographer in the world, but are you the best models to feature in your wedding photography? OK, it's a given you’ve already got the gig, but how do you make sure you do a good job? Like many things in life its down to practice and confidence. An engagement photography allows you gain both.

When you look back at your engagement photos from your shoot you will see what you like and what you don’t. So many of the things we do in life we would do better with the power of hindsight. Don’t let your wedding photos be one of them, use your engagement photography to gain that experience. As your photographer, I will tell you if something looks ‘wrong’, but there is a wide range of ‘right’. Nobody knows your unique preferences like you do, those little nuances in expression or pose that come with knowing you inside out. Models call these their ‘angles’. Spend some time in front of a mirror getting to know yours and then practice on your engagement photography shoot.

For their own end

You don’t need to have an ulterior motive to have an engagement photo shoot. Engagement photos are just rewarding in their own right. Beautiful, professional photos of the two of you. It needs no more of a sales pitch than that. I find it a shame that in the UK, other than a few moments in front of the school photographer the majority of us do not have a professional portrait until our wedding day.

An engagement photo shoot provides a chance to get some beautiful images without the pressures of a wedding. It’s the real you, rather than the highly glossed and polished look of your wedding day.

Engagement Photo Prices

Couples who book me for their wedding after an engagement shoot will receive £150 discount off their wedding booking when they book me after their engagement shoot. That's potentially just £45 for a great set of engagement photos and peace of mind.

Local Engagement Shoot
195 £
Get to know me
Location: Hawley Woods, Farnborough
1.5 Hours
High Resolution Images Supplied
£150 Off Wedding Photography Booking
Central London Engagement Shoot
249 £
Get to know me
Location: Central London
1.5 Hours
High Resolution Images Supplied
£150 Off Wedding Photography Booking
Other Engagement Shoot
295 £
Get to know me
Location: Within 1 Hour of Farnborough
1.5 Hours
High Resolution Images Supplied
£150 Off Wedding Photography Booking

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