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Being chosen as a couples wedding photographer is both an honour and a huge responsibility. It can never be just another day in the office because every day is somebodies special day.

My approach to wedding photography is one that blends the wishes of the couple with the necessities to ensure a smooth outcome. Where possible most of these necessities are taken care of outside of the wedding leaving me free to concentrate on your wishes during the day.

A few weeks before your wedding I will send you a template to complete with your final timings, group lists and any special requests. This list is checked using my experience so that any areas of concern can be flagged and discussed before your wedding day. Typically I'm looking for details such as:

  • Do the list of groups fit within the allowed timings?
  • Access for infirm guests?
  • Sunset time for the given date and location?
  • Wet weather plan?

Immediately before your wedding my approach includes a charge and test of all equipment to ensure it is still operational and ready to go for your big day, wedding notes are printed, bags packed and alarm clock set!

On the day of the wedding itself its all about service. Doing whatever is needed to make the day work. That could involve doing a bit of light furniture removal or tidying up to clear a space. It could mean hopping around and pulling funny faces to make a child smile. Essentially on the day I'm there for you and I'll do all I can to make your day successful.

I'm a big believer that if you are nice to people they generally want to be nice back. On the day I'm personable and try to have fun and am often rewarded with a lot of cooperation from family and guests as a result.  I also like to shoot from the perspective of an insider, rather than a passive bystander.

I try to work around you and your guests so you can get on and enjoy your wedding day. That said, its important to recognise I'm there to get the images not everybody else can and so I will direct a select images such as the groups and couples portraits as they wont happen by themselves! This is all done with a polite smile and quite informally.

If you are running a bit late, well that's just part of service. I'm not going to leave before your first dance just because you are running 30 minutes late. That said, please don't plan it that way!

After your wedding I appreciate its a nervous time wondering what your wedding photographs will look like. I try to get the images ready within two weeks so that they are ready for you when you return from your honeymoon.

It is important in this stage not to get complacent over diligence and so several backups of your wedding images are created to guard against data loss.

I appreciate when you are buying wedding photography you are also buying a service and peace of mind. To that end you will always find me well presented in trousers and a collared shirt. Looking and acting professionally. I'm always a little dismayed when I attend a wedding as a guest and see the photographer in jeans and a t-shirt. It suggests to me they don't recognise that its somebodies big day and aren't making an effort!

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