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My approach to wedding photography, as opposed to my style of wedding photography is to be very methodical.

Being entrusted with a couples wedding photography is a huge responsibility. There are no second chances, it absolutely has to be captured the first time. It's a huge burden of responsibility, but one I have learnt to carry with ease and a smile through many years of experience and faith in my process and ability.

Every aspect of your wedding photography has a defined process, from the initial booking right the way through to ordering your album. These have all been refined over the years because they have proven their worth in ensuring a trouble-free day.

Plans are sanity checked before the big day and equipment, including backups are charged, cleaned and tested.

On the day itself, I roll with the punches! Adapt, improvise and overcome, whatever it takes to make the day work. That could be jumping up and down like a lunatic to make a child laugh, moving furniture to clear a scene, whatever it takes. At the same time, I'm thinking ahead, referring back to the timings and plan, checking my settings and what I have captured!

But your wedding photography doesn't end there, because as well as an art, its also a service. Images are backed up and work begins to get your previews within the agreed time. This is usually timed to try and coincide with you coming back from honeymoon.

Selections are made, I work with you to come to a wedding album design you are happy with and eventually, the finished product is eventually finished!

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