Senior / Prom Photography


I keep things informal to help you relax.


I will give only loose direction to keep things natural. If you feel uncomfortable, you will look uncomfortable.


Give me time and I will light your portraits, the difference can be dramatic.

The Real You

Lets capture who you really are, musician, dancer, book worm, your portrait should show who you are.


Senior Photography

When a young women or man leaves college its a big milestone in their lives and a perfect time to record a portrait. By this stage the resemble the woman or man they are to become but still have youth on their side.

This is often referred to as a 'Senior Portrait', taking its name from the American school system where an 18 year old leaves school as a senior ready to go off to university. As a 'thing' it hasn't really taken off as much in the UK market as it has in America and to me that is a travesty. Here the norm is perhaps have some baby photographs taken by a professional photographer, some massed produced school photos in Junior school and then nothing until their wedding day! It just feels like such a shame to miss them at their peak.

A Senior portrait session can be run like a mini fashion shoot, with several costume changes and taking the time over posing, lighting and background. With no other event to fit in with we can even schedule the session to the perfect time of day around golden hour when the light is at its best. This allows us to get a set of images they are too impatient for when they are little and don't have enough time for on their wedding day. It is literally the perfect time for a portrait.

A typical senior portrait session lasts 2 hours and costs £30 for the session. You will be presented with online previews a couple of weeks after your session and then should you wish you purchase a download of all the high resolution images (expect 20 to 30 images) for £120.

Prom Photography

Prom Photography is most definitely becoming a 'thing', in fact it sometimes feel likes proms themselves are becoming as big as weddings!

The prom is a great time to take a portrait in the sense that the young man or lady in question is all dressed up in an expensive dress or suit and has taken a lot of time over their hair and makeup. In some respects however the prom suffers from the same affliction as a wedding, lack of time! There is also a need to fit in with a given date and time of day which may not be when the best light is.

A prom shoot can last from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the time available. There is a £30 session fee should you wish to purchase the images after seeing the online previews you can purchase a link to download all of the high resolution images (20 to 30 images) for £120.

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