Outlook Google Calendar Sync To Combine Outlook and Google Calendars

Like many photographers I find it almost impossible to agree to anything until I have consulted my calendar. Skill and time is essentially the product I sell and with a finite supply of time I have to be careful not to double book myself. This used to be relatively simple when I could just keep a simple calendar, but then when family and other commitments came along it got a whole lot more complicated! This article explains how I use Outlook Google Calendar Sync to manage my diary.

Like a lot of people I used Outlook Calendars as they are easy and straight forward and that worked just fine, right up until the point my wife needed access to know when I was available and if I was, to book family time or a lesson with our dance teachers. To complicate matters like a lot of photographers I had stopped being entirely self employed and taken on a day job to spread the risk since the start of the recession. Sometimes the day job impacts upon my evenings or weekends and I needed some way of combining my employment, business and social calendars so I had a fighting chance of knowing what my commitments are on any given week.

This used by really easy using the free online Google calendar and a free app from Google called Google Calendar Sync. This was a brilliant solution with my wife having access to my Google Calendar and being able to add new entries directly into it. Google Calendar Sync would do a two way sync between my business calendar and my google ‘family’ calendar and I could choose to sync my employment calendar either just to my family calendar if I was feeling secretive or two ways if I wanted a complete view of my day from work. Best of all google calendar was available on every android device so I could always carry my calendar with me. This all worked brilliantly, until Google decided in their wisdom to stop supporting the Calendar Sync service and the combined view of my world fell apart! I never really got over this, there just were not any solutions available that did the same thing and managing my time got a whole lot more complicated.

Enter Outlook Google Calendar Sync

Things got a lot better this weekend when I decided to see if anybody had picked up the mantle from Calendar Sync and to my utter delight found Outlook Google Calendar Sync, a free application which does exactly that! Outlook Google Calendar Sync is open source, this means a bunch of public spirited software programmers created it with the good of everybody rather than profit in mind (Thank you!). You can download it from the following link and use it for free: https://outlookgooglecalendarsync.codeplex.com/license

Outlook Google Calendar Sync sits in your system tray and based on your settings will sync a google calendar with an outlook calendar in either direction, or combine the two. For somebody like me who has different outlook calendars for work and business (or family) its a great way to combine all of your calendars into one global calendar so you can see everything that is going on in the different parts of our life. Particularly if you want to carry all that information around with you on your android phone or device.

It’s early days, but so far Outlook Google Calendar Sync appears to do the job brilliantly, so finally I can relax and answer with confidence right there and then…YES, I am free to photograph your wedding on that date!

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