When I first started taking photography seriously around 2000 I had a lot of help from my Wife and a few other volunteer models posed for me while I figured out how to shoot people rather than the architecture I had been shooting previously. Since then I’ve done hundreds of paid shoots, weddings, studio work, commercial head shots and PR work. I do really miss the freedom of having the time to really experiment with something new though. Photography ha always been something more than a ‘job’ to me. I LOVE shooting weddings, but its easy to let paid work get in the way of variety and experimentation. This year I intend to do something about that and am calling all models to try something new!
I’m looking primarily for senior school to University age students from about 15 onwards (or older looking 14 year olds) to shoot individual age appropriate portraits in outdoor or urban environments once the weather warms up a little. The reason for that age range is I’m looking at trying to replicate the senior photography business model which is very popular in America, but hasn’t really taken off in the UK and I’m looking to build a portfolio for this type of photography.
If you are interested, or know somebody who would be, please feel free to get in touch. You won’t be paid, but in return for your time and signing a model release form you will get a free portrait session and the usable images on a disc which you can print and use on social media as required. While I’m new to ‘Senior’ photography, I’m not new to shooting people. I’ve been shooting weddings and portraits professionally since 2003 so I’m sure we can get some good images together!
Please note under 18’s must be accompanied for everybody’s comfort and peace of mind. I can also provide scans of clear CRB (Now called disclosure) checks to show I have no convictions for anything done for my voluntarily role with the cadet forces.

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