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The Mill house hotel Wedding  venue has a lot to offer. it isn’t a fairy-tale castle and it isn’t a  5* hotel but it has charm, warmth and friendliness in abundance. If you are the sort of person who dislikes pretence and unnecessary formality then this wedding venue is potentially for you. It’s also quite reasonably priced.

The Mill house hotel is a fairly small wedding venue; the obvious disadvantage of this is that it can only host weddings up to a certain size, the advantage is that a smaller wedding party is not rattling around inside it. That said I once attended a wedding with 150 guests for the sit down meal which were split between the main building and the marquee.

On a comfort and ‘feeling at ease’ scale the Mill House Hotel gives a high score. It’s nicely decorated and presented in a way that doesn’t make you feel you don’t belong. It’s not all wood panelling and paintings of fox hunting on the wall but presented in a way that makes it feel more accessible.

There is a perfectly adequate garden suitable for photographs. The grounds are not huge, but there is plenty of space for your guests to mill around and for your group photographs. There is a farmers field nearby which at the right time of year can also make a good backdrop or location for photographs of the bride and groom. It’s well maintained, it’s Green and there is a tree line which is all that is really required for your group photographs.

Inside the venue is decorated in neutral colours and has ceilings of sufficient height to make bounce flash work well. The interior does not pose any particular technical challenges for your wedding photographer.

I have a slight concern with the wet wedding plan at this venue, mainly because I have had beautiful weather every time I have been here. At a push the bar area could be used for small groups, but I am not sure if there is an area inside that could be used to comfortably accommodate larger group portraits.

Wheelchair access isn’t brilliant within the venue as there are a few steps between the bar and dining room. This should be manageable by elderly guests but may pose a problem to the wheelchair bound. A portable ramp may be available and is worth checking, there haven’t been any disabled guests at the weddings I have shot here.

The  staff always seem to run on time at this venue and are approachable and personable. Very easy to work with and will make you and your guests feel at ease.

In Summary, for a down to earth wedding in a nice environment the Mill House Hotel wedding venue is one worth short-listing. I really like this venue and it’s probably one of the better examples of a smaller venue within the area. It really shows how a modest wedding venue can be done well.

I hope you have found this Mill House Hotel Wedding review useful.

The Mill House
Basingstoke Rd

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