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This article is about Loseley Park and Loseley Park Wedding Photos.

Loseley Park is quite a magical place, more than most others it has retained it’s original feel as a working manor house and is a fantastic venue to host a summer wedding with both a historic feel to the building and exceptional gardens.

Loseley Park is quite a different offering from the manor houses that have been converted into hotels in that is has remained in the ownership and is still employed as personal home within the same family for over 500 years! As a result the house has a number of interesting features and is full of history including tapestries that are several hundred years old.

The exterior of the building is that of a classic manor house. The exterior has some beautiful stonework, particularly around the oversized doorways which are ornately decorated and really give a sense of grandness to the venue. As a result the doorways are excellent to use in your wedding photographs and will frame you both beautifully.

The interior of Loseley Park is a photographers dream, built during a time before the electric light the architect designed it with large windows to capture the available natural light and the sheer quality of light within the ceremony room is quite breath-taking.

The hall itself is decorated with the most interesting items which give a real look into the history of the family throughout the centuries,  including Antique furniture, grandfather clocks, items from suits of armour from differing periods and a number of family portraits. A lot of the more contemporary wedding venues are essentially blank canvases you really need to dress to make them look their best, at Loseley park the rooms contain so much living history this is simply not necessary. Perhaps a few flowers to set the scene but otherwise the ceremony room is ready pretty much ready as is. This is quite important as it can save you some money.

If Loseley Hall itself is great, then the grounds can only be described as excellent. The grounds are in my opinion probably the most beautiful of any venue within Surrey I have visited. It’s just a question of size, it’s the quality of maintenance, planting and landscaping that has gone into it. In fact the gardens at Loseley Park gardens are a tourist attraction (which I believe they close during a wedding to give you privacy) and people pay simply to visit them.

Immediately outside the hall itself is gravelled. This is a bonus as it means you can get photographs outside when the ground is wet without sinking into the grass and the gravel itself is quite attractive. Many venues are ringed in tarmac which doesn’t have quite the same effect!

The grounds immediate outside the venue are open and flat lawns dotted with the odd mature tree. This is a useful area for group photographs and sweeping establishing shots that set the scene of your guests enjoying themselves on the lawn before the ceremony with the house itself in the background.

Moving off to the right as you exit the house you come to a stone wall which in the summer has vine type flowers creeping along it and makes a pleasant backdrop for a small group photograph.

Continuing along in the same direction you come to the main gardens and this is what gives the gardens the wow factor in the summer. The gardens at Loseley park are quite simply beautiful with flowers, colour and a grand sense of scale everywhere you look. It must be said I have only seen the gardens in the summer and not during the winter where I suspect they would lose a lot of their splendour.

There are some really nice features in the gardens amongst my favourites is the ‘band stand’ type structure which is framed beautifully and accessed through paths which sweep out to the side and then converge together which are just perfect to use as leading lines into a photograph. The designer of the garden obviously planned the gardens with a plan to reveal views which open up and unfold before you as you explore the garden.

In amongst the landscaping centre pieces is just a sea of colour, Greenery and beauty. The gardens at Loseley Park are really beautiful to walk through and make a fantastic backdrop for your photographs. Within the confines of the garden is a small ‘clearing’ perfect for serving guess drinks and there are a few more open spaces which can be used for your group photographs.

The wedding breakfast is held in a newer ‘barn’ type structure within the grounds of Loseley Park. While not having the same history and grandeur as the main house, this is a great room to host your wedding breakfast in and one where you do not need to worry about guests knocking over and breaking something historic! This building has a lovely rustic feel to it owing to the extensive wood beams used in it’s construction.

The only negatives of Loseley lie not in what it has but what it hasn’t, namely hotel accommodation on site which Loseley Park does not have. Where the hotels have the edge is that it is just so convenient for guests to party late into the night and then crash out in their rooms without having to worry about taxi’s, transfers or designated drivers. That said the venue is only a short taxi ride from the centre of Guildford which offers a number of hotels and it is not an insurmountable problem. Indeed for some wedding parties most of the family may be very local and then it is hardly a problem at all.

In summary I would have to say that I am a fan of Loseley Park, the room has a great quality of light and sense of history and grandeur, the grounds are breath-taking in summer and the room used for the wedding breakfast has a lovely homely and rustic feel. It doesn’t offer hotel accommodation but it has so much going for it that I think the venue is definitely worth short-listing to visit.

I hope this review has been of interest to you and of course if you are looking for a wedding photographer for your Loseley Park wedding photos please do get in touch!

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