In Early December we headed off to Blackpool again to compete in the IDTA Supadance finals. While I’m there, there is a lot of time to kill and so I always take pictures. Here are a few sample images, plus a link to all 966 high resolution images for download.

As always, bear in mind the light in the Ballroom is yucky because it is flat and changes in colour. As result it changes it is hard to maintain a consistent colour. It’s not possible to use flash to overpower the ambient light because it may put the dancers off and would annoy the judges and audience. It is what it is.

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Note, Sophie of Sophie’s Photography was the official Photographer for this event and so you purchase your images from her. I was just taking a few photographs for friends and only of events I was free to do so. I also had my own dancing to do, kids to watch and of course somewhere in among those long days, eat and rest! I also only took photographs of dancers from my dance school. Please support Sophie who travels up with her team and stays the weekend purely to take photographs of everybody.

Please click on the Link to all images to view them all and download those you wish to for personal use.

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