IDTA Nationwide Medalist of the Year 2016 Pictures

Once again during the first week of April and I find myself heading North to Blackpool to support and photograph my family dancing and while there I may as well take a few photographs for the parents and other dancers at the school.

Going up to Blackpool from the sunny south is always bitter sweet for me. Originally I’m from Lancashire, just down the road in Skelmersdale and while I dislike Blackpool with a ferocity usually reserved for comic book villains its always a good opportunity to swing by and visit my family up there who I see far too little of, Maybe twice a year if I am lucky.

What is it about Blackpool I dislike so much? It’s the town as much as the actual event. The run down buildings, neglected people and lack of any form of hope or opportunity represent everything I worked so hard to escape during my teens. Going back is hard for me as I realise without a couple of nudges in the right direction I could be one of those grey faces on the street, existing day-to-day without any knowledge of the wider world or opportunity to escape.

Mum and Dad couldn’t work for much of my childhood, dad because he was registered disabled and mum because she wanted to look after him and had arthritis in her hands. I had a lot of love and time from my parents but they didn’t have much else to give. By 16 I was buying most of my own stuff and at 18 I had left home for good and was supporting myself at University. Growing up in a run down town in Lancashire probably made me if I’m honest, but it is hard looking back.

On to happier themes I was very proud to watch my son, Toby and my Wife, Wendy compete this year. Toby is just the most amazing little boy. Very loving, he asks for very little and is amazingly well-behaved on these events. He adores dancing and wants to do well and he’s often practising at home, the shops, pretty much anywhere. I’m really proud of him.

Wendy was very nervous leading up to both rounds of this competition as its the first time she has danced with somebody other than me in 19 years. Wendy lives for her dancing. Whilst I fell out of love with dance a long time ago, I love Wendy to bits and as long as she wants to dance you’ll find me supporting her. I was glad however to have the weekend off!

Anyway, here are the pictures, you can view the complete set of 1,200 by the following the link here: IDTA Nationwide Medalist of the Year 2016 Pictures

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