This Hampshire Centre Court wedding photography review is aimed at helping you understand Hampshire Centre Court from your wedding photographers perspective. There are other factors to consider such as size, cost and how it fits into the aesthetic you wish to create that are not covered here.

This is a competent wedding venue and one I enjoy working at, it always runs smoothly here. Hampshire Centrecourt is a solid choice of wedding venue, particularly for a winter wedding.

The Hotel is situated a short taxi journey away from Basingstoke train station, which is itself on a direct train route to London. This makes it very accessible for wedding guests who are travelling by train.

The hotel itself is a modern brick built construction. Despite being a modern build it does have it’s own character owing largely to it’s construction around a centre courtyard. The interior is modern without the risk of ageing quickly and is decorated with White ceilings and neutral coloured walls throughout. The decor of the Hampshire Centrecourt hotel lends itself to flash photography as the flash can easily be bounced off ceilings and walls.

The hotel itself is spacious. The function room used for the service, wedding breakfast and evening reception is both large, high ceilinged and well appointed for it’s intended use. This room could easily be used to host the group photographs if the weather was poor. However, you need to ensure this fits in with the hotel plans and timings as they will need to turn the room around for the evening. Should the room be unavailable there is a large lobby area I have used for small groups which is workable.

Outside the central courtyard has recently been landscaped. Unfortunately it wasn’t done with photography in mind as there are no big open areas and for groups and odd angles and geometric patterns everywhere. I think this is a bit of a shame, but workable. It does mean for medium sized groups a wider angle lens will need to be used which is less flattering than the telephoto I would normally use.

The grounds are the biggest negative of the Hampshire Centrecourt, there aren’t any! They have done what they can with the central courtyard to compensate and have obviously spent a fair amount of money of developing that part of the hotel. There is a small grassy area on the pathway leading to the local shopping arcade which can be used for group photographs. It is literally a 1 minute walk if you are happy to leave the grounds.

On a plus side wheelchair access throughout the Hampshire Centrecourt  and central courtyard is excellent. As a modern build, disabled access has been built into the design and I can think of no other venue in the area which is so obviously wheelchair friendly.

It’s also a fantastic winter wedding venue as not only does the winter play to the venues strengths  of space, light and practicality it completely negates it’s weaknesses. Why pay thousands of pounds extra to hire a venue with beautiful grounds in the winter when there is a good chance you won’t be able to get outside and use them? This is particularly so  if the timings of your wedding are late in the afternoon when it tends to be dark anyway.

In summary I’d heartily recommend The Hampshire Centrecourt as a winter wedding venue. I’d have reservations recommending it for a summer wedding owing to the lack of grounds. If you are not one for pimms on the lawn this may not be a negative point for you, but it is worth considering when short-listing your venues. On the whole it’s a practical, spacious and very well managed venue. The staff are very helpful and friendly too.

I hope this Hampshire Centre Court wedding photography review has been useful to you!

Hampshire Centre Court Wedding Venue:

Hampshire Centre Court Hotel
Centre Drive
Great Binfields Road
RG24 8FY

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