Farnham Castle Wedding Photography

The Farnham Castle Wedding venue is located in the centre of Farnham on top of a hill. The building itself is very beautiful with wide corridors, high ceilings and a light oak interior giving it a spacious feel.

It is well maintained throughout and I found the staff to be very friendly, accommodating and willing to go the extra mile. I was very impressed with the duty manager who while very young in years was very professional and made a point of introducing herself to me and letting me know I should ask if I needed anything.

There is a sweet little flat at the gate house for the bride to get ready in which is very nice. Neutral walls and enough natural light to shoot hand held without flash. You can get some lovely images here of the bride and bridesmaids getting ready.

The ceremony room is very pleasant but technically challenging to photograph as lighting arrangement effectively backlights the couple and so a degree of manual intervention is required. It was however beautifully dressed and a skilled photographer should be able to overcome the challenges the lighting threw up.

Between the ceremony room and room used for the wedding breakfast is a long rectangular room used as a holding area. Its a nice area with a stone floor that feels both historic and contemporary at the same time. Leading off the holding area up a short flight of stairs is a bar that overlooks the room used for the wedding breakfast. On my last visit here we were unfortunate that it rained most of the day and the holding area and bar accommodated all guests without feeling cramped which is a real bonus in Wet weather. I was also surprised to learn that some of the decorations used in this room belonged to Farnham Castle. The duty manager explained that they had tried to find some objects that fitted in with the castle theme and in that room it added some nice touches. More importantly, it will also save money on decorating it!

On the subject of wet weather options also leading off from the holding room is a doorway leading down a wide staircase to a covered arch. This is an incredible feature as when its raining I can photograph the groups outdoors in natural light, without them having to stand in the rain! All I need is a brolly to keep my camera dry and it can rain all day without it being a disaster!

The room used for the wedding breakfast feels spacious and is quite light with large stained glass windows providing natural light. Decorated with White tablecloths and flowers it looked beautiful. In the evening I found that Farnham Castle used floor based lights bounced off the far wall to produce a soft light. While this is actually following the same principles of using a reflector in the studio, with the position of the band, disco, bar and seating area it left me shooting against the light for the first dance. Not impossible but a technical challenge to overcome.

The grounds of the Farnham Castle Wedding venue itself are big enough, plenty of options and areas to explore without being big enough to need sensible shoes to explore. On this visit to the venue I was unable to use them because the ground was soft following rain however. On previous visits we have been able to explore and a short walk around the grounds is rewarded with some a nice mix of backdrops and elevations to use.

In addition to the grounds of the actual Farnham Castle Wedding Venue the castle itself is also available. There are some interesting viewpoints and angles to be had here, but do be aware of the uneven pavements. Take particularly after rain when a mix of uneven pavement and wet stone can make for dangerous conditions.

The final mention has to go to the food. Wow, I had what I think were roasted carrots with a roast dinner. I didn’t even know you could roast carrots, but I will be trying that at home!

In Summary I would have to say the Farnham Castle Wedding venue is a bit of gem. It’s got the grounds you make use of in good weather and the space and wet weather options for the bad. It has a nice old yet contemporary feel that just works an a lovely ambience about it. Location wise it feels like you are in the country but are only a few minutes walk from a town with everything you could need including direct train links into London.

Highly recommended.

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