This Elvetham Hotel Wedding Photography review is aimed at helping you understand the Elvetham Hotel from your wedding photographers perspective. There are other factors to consider such as size, cost and how it fits into the aesthetic you wish to create that are not covered here.

Photographically the Elvetham Hall Hotel’s strengths lie in it’s exterior. Quite simply stunning grounds, from the obvious avenue of tree’s to the hidden away nooks and crannies such as the small shelter at the bottom of the garden and a large hedge archway to right of the small pond at the hotels rear.

At the front of the hotel a great feature is the covered porch, this is usually draped in ivy which can make for an attractive background, particularly when it turns a wonderful Red colour during the Autumn. Depending on parked vehicles, the porch itself can offer a few opportunities. The front of the hotel is floodlit at night and this can also offer some interesting options.

Walking around the left hand side of the venue you gain access to the rear of the hotel though a tall fence. This can also be used as a backdrop for confetti.

The lawn itself contains a central island which at certain times of the year is filled with colourful blooms and makes a good backdrop for a few groups.

With your back to the hotel and facing out on to the lawn the path to your right takes you to a lovely brick archway which has potential for photographs.

Once again with your back to the hotel and facing out onto the lawn there are a set of steps at the opposite end of lawn leading down to a small pond which also has photographic potential. Turning right before the pond also leads to a small garden area which has yet more areas that can used, particularly nice is a large arch in the hedgerow framed by Black wrought iron. Carrying on through that arch reveals another area of lawn with a few tree’s which can also have potential.

Coming back from the pond towards the house there is another set of steps to you left leading down to a large avenue of trees which always seems a popular location for couples to want their photographs.

At the end of the avenue of tree’s there is a small shelter with a bench inside, as this is closed on three sides it creates a wonderful quality of directional light inside, although most brides decline to walk that far!

Inside of the Elvetham Hotel is a beautiful venue, if a little dark in some rooms, most notably the library but with the latest generation of cameras this isn’t too difficult a problem to work around.

The bridal suite is large and spacious with good neutral coloured decor making it very easy to photograph your preparations.

Brides usually make a grand entrance via the impressive stairway leading down to the ground floor. Some wonderful shots can be taken from the top of the stairs looking down onto lower stairs with the large stained glass windows behind you.

Couples often make their wet wedding plan centred around the bottom of the stairway, this does work although my favourite indoor location is the Oak room, this has a neutral coloured ceiling which makes lighting a group evenly very quick to achieve and has a lovely fireplace as a backdrop. It’s decor will also result in images with a much better degree of contrast than the stairway, although it is of course your wedding and your photographs so the decision is up to you.

If you are having your service in the Oak room, the side windows provide a lovely directional light which produces very pleasing results. The room has a very intimate feel and it was in this room I shot my most emotional wedding ever, even I was crying!

The conservatory is a lovely bright and airy room and very easy to photograph in. Should  you be using the library you should be aware that all of the oak panelling, high ceilings and traditional decor make the room so wonderfully grand, also contribute to the room being quite dark. It is quite easy for me to shoot in this room using a variety of off camera flash techniques, as although dark, light is maintained within the room and by that time in the proceedings the pace has slowed down a little allowing me to set up external flash if necessary.

I hope that this Elvetham Hotel Wedding Photography review has been useful.

This Elvetham Hotel Wedding Venue:

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