Here are the previews of the dance showcase photographs from Princess Hall. Note I photographed the dress rehearsal plus both shows on two different cameras and so images of a particular section will be spread throughout the gallery.

Professional photographs are expensive, as is dancing. I know between lessons, competitions and outfits it can leave us all feeling a little financially pinched! For that reason you can download the high resolution images for free, but I have a favour to ask.

All you need to do is leave me a review on Google Places. These help me promote my business and the business allows me to have the professional equipment I need to shoot your little ones dancing. Reviews really help me out. Not only does it help establish trust, it helps my website rank higher in google.

I know leaving a review will take a little of your time and in the past I have just given images out but I’m certain if you knew how much time I spent on the day and afterwards post processing the images you would agree it’s a very reasonable favour to ask!

Alternatively, if you don’t feel you can give me a review, you can send £5 per image via PayPal instead. (send to


  1. View the gallery and make a note of any image name you would like. You can see the image name by clicking on an image to open it then clicking on the information icon (i) on the top right of the screen. You can view the image gallery here.
  2. Leave me a review on google places, you will need a free google account. Click on this link:
  3. Alternatively please send £5 per image via PayPal. Click on this link
  4. Email the image numbers you would like, letting me know if you have left a review or paid to (1 review for all images you want or £5 per image)
  5. After checking I will reply with a link to where the full resolution images can be downloaded from.


Note: I am supplying high resolution images for download only, not prints.



  • Karen Newbold
    Karen Newbold
    Nov 13 2017
    What an amazing job Brian did photographing the Diamond Show, he was there all day and worked so hard to capture every moment. The photos are stunning, which makes it very difficult in choosing!!
    • Brian
      Dec 16 2017
      Thanks Karen!

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