This Chawton House Wedding Photography review is aimed at helping you understand Chawton House from your wedding photographers perspective. There are other factors to consider such as size, cost and how it fits into the aesthetic you wish to create that are not covered here.

Chawton House is an elegant venue reminiscent of a period drama, in fact it was actually the working estate of Jane Austen’s brother.

On my visit to Chawton House the bride and groom had arranged their wedding reception to be held in a marquee in the grounds at Chawton House, the house itself was not hired and so I can’t comment on the interior of the venue. However the marquee was very well done and was a lovely setting to host a wedding.

Photographically the grounds at Chawton house have a lot of potential. In front of the main door makes for a great location, as does from an upstairs window in the house looking down onto the circle of grass in front of the hotel with the long drive leading off into the distance.

facing towards the drive look over to your left and there is a large grassy area suitable for groups with a good tree line behind to give a great mid-tone background.

Continuing around towards the rear of the hotel there are several trees and walls and other areas that make good areas for photographs, of particular note are the stairs with an attractive wall behind at the end of the grounds. There are also a number of paths, steps and areas within the courtyard of the house to numerous to mention!

For grounds Chawton house is difficult to beat. If planning to hold your reception in a marquee here without hiring the house itself I would consider your wet weather options carefully. It is plausible to shoot small groups using the dance floor of a large marquee should it rain, providing you are happy with the background that a marquee will provide.

I hope this Chawton House Wedding Photography review has been useful.

Chawton House Wedding Venue:

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