This Cain Manor Wedding Photography review is aimed at helping you understand Cain Manor from your wedding photographers perspective. There are other factors to consider such as size, cost and how it fits into the aesthetic you wish to create that are not covered here.

Cain Manor is one of those venues that really stands out as having it’s own character, it has a lovely rustic yet classic feel and is incredibly well maintained and organised. It’s quite simply a stunning venue in which to get married.

On my visit to Cain Manor it was a rainy day in December and so I was not able to properly explore the grounds, however the features inside the venue ensured that this wasn’t a disaster with areas to shoot inside the venue.

The Bridal suite is an absolute joy to photograph in, it’s spacious, uncluttered and with bags of character. This is not another anonymous hotel room. The decor is a mix of off-white rough painted walls and light oak and is cavernous inside making for lovely minimalist images. At one end of the room a window provides a lovely directional light into the room, even in wet overcast weather, at the other end of the room there is a large bed with a huge mirror against the wall which simply cries out to be used in your preparation images. Continuing through there is a large bathroom with a feature bath, reminiscent the old Cadbury Flake advert, the bathroom has more free space than many hotel bridal suites!

Exiting the bridal suite there is a landing area opposite the stairs which could at a push be used for small groups, over to the right a high arch makes a natural setting for a portrait of the bride and groom. The stair case can also be used for shots of the bride and groom and even a small group. On my visit I managed to squeeze 22 adult females on here, but this is something I would not recommend if it can be avoided.

Leaving the stairs and turning right there is another largish room used as a holding area before entering the main space used for the service and reception. This room has a lovely feel and is very pleasant to be in, however the beamed ceilings are a little too low for photography and raise a few technical issues. It is possible to photograph in this room, but the fact that this room is quite dark and has quite low beamed ceilings does impact upon the feel of the images taken in this room. Off camera flash techniques and use of light modifiers come into their own here.

Continuing through there is huge area used for the both the service and wedding breakfast. Again this is a stunning room with a lovely feel to it. You should be aware that a large window on the opposite wall provides a lot of the illumination. This window does need to be considered as shooting the service from the rear of the room the couple will be backlit by the window. It is possible to move up the aisle and shoot from the front of the service if this is something you are comfortable with, some couples do not like the distraction.

At certain times of year I suspect the large widow in the service room could prove problematic when colder natural light mixes with the artificial tungsten lights used inside, this is more likely to be a problem in winter than in summer when the light during most services tends to be much warmer in colour. This particular issue is of no concern in black & White photography.

To the rear of this room there is a balcony which can also be used to change the angle of viewing and is accessible from a staircase within the room itself.
My only real concern with this venue is the wet weather plan. Many brides and grooms will assume that they will have use of the large room used for both the service and the meal in the event of bad weather. This is indeed an almost ideal room for this purpose and most group shots could be fit in here with ease. It is however a dangerous assumption, as the venue staff will need this room to put up tables and get it ready for the evening meal.

I would suggest you talk this through with the venue beforehand and leave a suitable gap between the service and meal so that should it rain, there is sufficient time for us to use the room for your group photographs and then for the venue staff to make up the room ready for the wedding breakfast. I would guess the venue would need at least an hour to set up the room after the group photographs you have requested have been completed. Usually the groups can be completed in 30 minutes, but naturally this depends on how many you choose, their size and how co-operative your guests are! I would plan on 3 minutes per group plus 5-10 minutes for me to set up any additional lighting that may be required dependent on weather conditions and time of year. Please also don’t underestimate the time it can take for guests to filter out of the main room after the service, at the wedding I attended in December this easily took 10 minutes!

With the small potential issue of wet weather plan aside that can easily be avoided through proper planning, Cain Manor is a lovely venue to host  your wedding in. It’s certainly one of the venues I shall look forward to returning to.

I hope this Cain Manor Wedding Photography Review was useful!

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