Booking Process

Booking Process

The booking process is standard and very simple however it is very important to follow and has been designed to prevent a misunderstanding, lost or missing paperwork to upset your day.

The booking process is aligned with the distance selling regulations as is completed via postal or electronic means and essentially comprises of  three stages, your enquiry, returning the contract and then receiving a formal acceptance and booking confirmation.  More details of the distance selling regulations can be found on the Citizens Advice website.

Stage 1: Enquiry

This stage lasts from when you first contact me until you return your completed wedding photography contract along the £150 booking fee included in the overall package price back to me. There can be any number of calls, emails or face to face meetings at this stage and the stage can last for any length of time depending on how quickly paperwork is returned and how many queries you have.

Should the inquiry progress I will send you a contract to complete which contains a price list and space to complete other details. Legally this does not constitute an ‘Offer’ which is legally binding the moment you accept but an ‘Invitation to treat’. Technically in legal terms by returning the signed contract to me along with the booking fee you are making an ‘Offer’ to me to purchase my service.

The main thing to understand is that at this stage you are under no obligation to hire me as your photographer and likewise I have no obligation to undertake your wedding photography. Your date is not reserved and until your booking is accepted and confirmed could become unavailable.

Please do not send additional money or payments at this stage. You must wait until after your wedding booking has been accepted and confirmed to proceed.

Stage 2: Return of Wedding Contract

This stage lasts from receiving your completed contract to counter-signing your contract and updating my calendar with your wedding.

In legal terms by returning your signed contract to me in you are making an ‘Offer’ to purchase wedding photography with an agreed set of terms and conditions which is binding on my acceptance, however please note under distance selling regulations you do still have 14 days to cancel with no financial implications.

After a completed contract has been received I go through a process of checking that the date is still available. Many couples  leave several months between their initial inquiry and returning the contract and its possible the date is no longer available by the time they do. I will also need to make sure my diary has not been filled with social events as if I have a free weekend, its normal to try and plan something fun in there and sometimes can’t be cancelled easily like a holiday.

This process can take a few weeks where I need to juggle my diary.

It is important to understand that as this stage of the booking process even though you have returned your contract and maybe even sent a payment or cheque for £150 your booking or in legal terms ‘Offer’ has not yet been accepted and your wedding photography is not booked and no obligation exists on either yourselves to hire me or myself to undertake your wedding photography. The £150 booking fee is returnable if the booking process does not progress to the confirmed booked stage.

This is inline with the distance selling regulations.

Stage 3: Acceptance and Confirmation of Booking

At this stage, after receiving a complete signed contract, checking all details and accepting the work by counter-signing I will formally accept your booking and send a scanned copy of the signed document along with your official booking confirmation.

At this stage your wedding photography is now booked and we are both bound by the terms and conditions of the contract.

I must stress that if you do not have a confirmation of booking from me, your wedding photography is not booked.

Couples Responsibilities:

For complete clarity the following responsibilities belong to the couple.

  • To tell me they wish to book.
  • To return the complete, signed copy of the whole contract (individual pages are not acceptable) with the correct date and details.
  • To include the £150 booking fee (returnable if the wedding is not accepted)
  • To ensure they receive a booking confirmation from me, without one your wedding is not booked!

As a couple please understand that the process has been designed to prevent a whole range of simple admin issues that could result in a situation where you believe I am booked, but am not including:

  • Emails and posted contracts getting lost on the way to me.
  •  A computer problem preventing access or delivery to the required inbox
  • Incorrectly identifying your email as SPAM via manual or electronic means.
  • Arriving at too short notice for me to process in time, for example when the wedding is in a few weeks time and I am on holiday, sick or simply too busy.
  • Human error

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