This Basingstoke Country Hotel Wedding Wedding Photography review is aimed at helping you understand Basingstoke Country Hotel wood from your wedding photographers perspective. Their are other factors to consider such as size, cost and how it fits into the aesthetic you wish to create that are not covered here.

Basingstoke Country Hotel is a lovely venue with a friendly feel to it. It has some nice landscaped features in two separate inner gardens, a comfortably sized lawn  and lots of lovely little nooks and crannies for photographs of the bride and groom.

I like this venue as photographically it is full of interest. The lawn to the front of the hotel is edged by mature trees, this makes a good spot for larger group photographs, smaller groups can be taken inside one of the two inner gardens. If you are standing on the lawn looking at the hotel then to your right there is a small bridge which makes a nice feature and also leads to a path through a forest which provides shade and another choice of backdrop to provide variety.

Their are two entrances to the hotel, the main reception entrance and a long glass topped corridor which can become very handy in poor weather, creating a light bright space which stays warm and dry, ideal for couples and small groups.

The room where the actual service is held, while not as grand as on old manor house style venue, is comparable with what you would expect to find in a more modern hotel venue and unlike an old manor house, is lovely and bright inside and doesn’t throw up any technical issues for me as the photographer.

Exiting the service the guests there is another nice and light room for guests to mingle. Photographically this is another great room with large windows and a neutral coloured decor.
In good weather you have use of the two central gardens. Because of the way these are laid out they are not ideal for very large groups, although groups of 6 or 7 can easily be accommodated in front of the large gazebo shaped a little like a Victorian bandstand. What these gardens are excellent for is couple shots, with lots of variety and interest. Most of the gardens are either paved or gravelled, making them ideal following wet weather when you don’t have to worry about walking through wet grass or sinking into the mud.

As you move through to your reception the room is large with a neutral decor and double height ceiling, photographically this is a very easy room to work in by simply bouncing flash off the ceiling to provide any additional light if needed. The room has a nice friendly feel to it and it’s a great choice for your wedding breakfast.

As this venue has a separate room for the service and reception there is space indoors for photographs should you have poor weather. However, as with all venues, you should check that this room can be cleared for  you and made available after the service with the venue.

In summary I think Basingstoke Country Hotel is a lovely wedding venue, its has a lovely relaxed and friendly feel to it with pretty grounds and some indoor options in the event of rain and is Recommended.

I hope this Basingstoke Country Hotel Wedding photography review has been useful!

Basingstoke Country Hotel Wedding Venue:

Scures Hill
Nately Scures
RG27 9JS

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