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This Barnett Hill (Guildford) Wedding Photography review aims to explain Barnett Hill from a Wedding Photography perspective in order to help those who may be considering using the venue.

This is a very nice wedding venue for a smaller wedding of maximum 70 guests.

First of all lets be clear in that Barnett Hill Guildford wedding venue is actually a hotel, so you and your guests can stay here before and after the wedding and it has a very ‘hotel’ feel to it rather than the ‘squash court’ feel of many modern conference centres.

It’s situated in the Surrey Hills just outside Guildford which is about a £10 taxi ride away for guests taking trains on to further destinations on their way home.

Barnett Hill has good grounds and an extensive patio area at the rear of the hotel. The patio area gives the venue a significant advantage when the ground is wet after it has been raining as the paved surface will dry quicker and be suitable for wedding photography outside long after the lawned areas have turned to mush during periods of heavy rain! The hotel use this area to great affect and provide lawn games such as a giant Jenga and Chess set.

There is a large lawned area accessed via a small set of steps downwards which is well maintained with some pretty flower beds which also leads on to another lawned area which is screened off from the main area by a high hedge and this area is ideal  to get you away from your guests for some couple portraits.

From this ‘secret’ garden you can turn left through a high gate and you have another area with some interesting details and gates which can be used for more photographs.

Inside the hotel the main corridor is very accommodating for group shots in wet weather conditions, it is has high ceilings painted White which are perfect to bounce a flash light from and the length of the corridor is also lit by large windows which are also fitted with windows seats. This is a very pleasant area and the large windows down the length of the corridor also help to flood natural light into the other rooms if the doors are left open.

The interior in general is quite airy and light and has large feature windows throughout. The decoration is adds a lot of class and character to the rooms and my impression is that this the hotel has a very classy feel without being ostentatious.

The room used for the wedding breakfast is on the little small side for 70 guests, but is workable and of course if you are having fewer guests then this sort of sized room becomes an advantage as it’s possible for a smaller wedding party to feel a little lost in a very large room.

A minor point to be aware of are of is that Barnett Hill is not very good for Wheelchair access. Throughout the corridors there are often short sets of steps even when on the same floor and access through the rear of the hotel to the patio is via another short set of steps. The patio can also be accessed by using the front exit and walking around, however another shot set of steps bars entry to the lower garden and rest of the grounds.

I must stress that there is sufficient lawned area next to the patio which is more than adequate for groups and you shouldn’t automatically rule out the venue on the grounds of poor wheelchair access. I mention it more as a point to consider and for completeness in the review.

I must also mention that paving leading to the rear of the house from the front is a little uneven and while this wouldn’t be a problem for most guests, in my view it poses a tripping hazard for the very elderly or those otherwise unsteady on their feet.

The staff are friendly, polite and well rehearsed with everything running to plan.

In summary I would recommend Barnett Hill for a smaller wedding of up to 70 guests for the sit down meal where neither the bride, groom or immediate family are wheelchair bound. It’s a good all season wedding venue and I would feel as comfortable photographing a wedding there in Winter as much as I would summer owing to the relatively high ceilings which are painted White and the light and airy feel to the rooms.

I hope that this Barnett Hill wedding photography review has been useful to you and if you would like to discus using me to photograph your wedding at this, or any other venue then please free to get in touch.

Barnett Hill  Conference Centre
Barnett Hill House
Blackheath Lane

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