Audleys wood is a pleasant wedding venue with good grounds and plenty of options indoors should you have poor weather on your wedding day. In Fact it is a great wet weather venue and recommended for autumn and winter weddings.

To the front of the hotel there is a comfortably sized lawn area surrounded by tree’s which is suitable for your group photographs, to the rear of the hotel there is other Green areas suitable for photography.

Audleys wood is an interesting venue in that no only does it have a large room for larger services, but a large marquee in the grounds which can also be used for the wedding breakfast and/or evening reception. This provides a lot of flexibility in the event of poor weather when the room not in use can be utilised for your group photographs should you be unable to get outside due to rain.

Between the main hall used for the service at and the marquee the main hall within the hotel itself is the better space for indoor photographs, however I suspect it’s also the better space for you meal too! If you are having your meal in here it will probably not be possible to also use the room for your groups as the venue staff will most likely need to get in there to clear the chairs away from the service and set up the tables for the meal. The marquee however, is perfectly suitable for groups too and provides plenty of space, if not quite so an impressive background.

The main hall is a nice and light owing to it’s neutral decor and large windows on side walls towards the rear of the hall.

It is slightly irritating that the doors on the far wall directly behind the couple are fire doors, as not only does the lovely old door have a big Green ‘push here to exit’ sign, it is topped by a Green emergency escape sign, to the left is a ‘Break glass in the event of fire’ button and above that a fire siren!!! This area would benefit from a little floral display to mask the signs to the right of the door. It’s usually possible to use the couple to mask the green ‘push to exit’ sign and a chandelier can be used to partially mask the ‘Fire Exit’ sign above the door.

Other than the door the room itself is a really lovely room! on the right hand wall there is a balcony which can be accessed to shoot down into the room or even for the couple to stand on and have photographs taken from within the room. Standing back towards the fire exit doors and looking back towards the bar the room is quiet lovely and it’s from this angle I think the signing of the register looks best with the bride and groom behind the table and all of the guests in the background.

In the bar heading back towards the main hall there is an area of dark wood panelling with an old stone fireplace that makes for a great place for a shot of the couple in poor weather, this needs to be lit using off camera flash for the best effect and can make for a lovely photograph.

The stair case can also be used for a posed photograph of the bride and groom  and is again best lit using off camera flash.

If you are having a small wedding, there is a smaller intimate room which can be used that looks out on to the front lawn. This looks spectacular by candlelight and I’ll never forget the gothic wedding I covered in this room on  a Halloween evening, so atmospheric, particularly with the bride in Black and Purple!

Again for the small wedding there is another room available for the wedding breakfast which is very close and intimate. It’s essentially one large long table, but wow what a table!  It looks like it belongs to a mediaeval king and gives the room bags of character. I’d love to hire it out for a murder mystery evening!

On the whole I like this venue, it can accommodate a very small and intimate wedding or a fairly large one. The grounds are comfortable and provide a few options for outdoor shooting and in the event of poor weather there is a good quality and quantity of space available indoors. Audleys wood is a great all weather venue and is definitely be shortlisted for a visit by any couples planning an autumn or winter wedding.

I hope this Audleys Wood Wedding Photography review has been useful to you!

Audleys Wood Wedding Venue:

Alton Road
RG25 2JT

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