This Alton House Hotel Wedding Photography review is aimed at helping you understand Alton House from your wedding photographers perspective. Their are other factors to consider such as size, cost and how it fits into the aesthetic you wish to create that is not covered here.

Alton House Hotel is a fairly typical hotel wedding venue. It may be viewed as too ‘plain’ or as a ‘blank canvas’ depending on your outlook but there is no doubting the immense practicality of Alton House Hotel as a wedding venue. The room where the service is often held is spacious with a clean uncluttered look. This I guess is a question of taste, clean and uncluttered to one couple is plain and lacking character to another.

One advantage to the room being plain is that it is easily dressed to suit your personal tastes and colour scheme using chair covers, a couple of large floral arrangements and perhaps a balloon arch if that is your thing. Being plain it will offend none and could easily be adapted to fit a variety of tastes. The obvious caveat to all this is that you must budget for this additional cost, but as the costing of the hotel itself is very keenly priced and more than stacks up against the alternatives then this is still be a very viable option.

From a purely practical standpoint the room is large enough, with neutrally coloured ceilings and walls. It doesn’t throw up any technical challenges and could easily be used for the group photographs should the weather be poor.

The area where guests gather before the service is also quite spacious and has plenty of natural light which is allowed to bounce around owing to the White ceilings and neutrally coloured walls. This area would be technically very easy to photograph in after dark and in bad weather and is actually quite a pleasant environment for you and your guests to congregate in. Again this area could be used for small groups should the need arise.

The room used for the wedding breakfast benefits from one wall being made almost entirely of glass which lets in a lot of natural light and has a nice airy feel to it. Apart from being a pleasant room in which to dine, it’s also a relatively easy room to photograph with a mostly neutral coloured ceiling. The ceiling is perhaps a tad low compared to many other venues but this is a minor point and should hardly influence the decision.

The grounds are perfectly adequate for your group photographs, they are not the selling point of the venue but are perfectly acceptable and fit for purpose. There is a tree line, an arch and a well to use as back drops and overall would be a nice place to sip a pimms and mingle in good weather.

The actual bedrooms at Alton House Hotel are very pleasant and clean and obviously make a very convenient place for your wedding guests to stay the night of your wedding.
Where I think this venue excels is in it’s adaptability and practicality. It is plain and this allows it to be dressed to suit your tastes and when you visit this venue you must bear this in mind and try to imagine how the rooms would look when dressed.

From a practical point of view the hotel has everything, some good spacious rooms which could be used in wet weather, guest bedrooms are very reasonably priced and actual pricing of this venue is very competitive for what it actually is. Compared to other venues the price difference certainly does allow you dress the rooms to your tastes and still have change left over. The pricing must be one of the best value for money in the area, I know of several cheaper, but none offering such good value.

In summary I would definitely recommend this venue, particularly to the practically minded among you. It’s big enough, pleasant enough, adaptable and has a good wet weather option. It possibly isn’t a fairytale venue but it’s a good solid practical choice and at the current pricing, (May 2012) £4884 for 75 guests including meals, bridal suite and toastmaster it’s affordable too.

Alton House Hotel Wedding Venue:

Alton House Hotel
Normandy Street
GU34 1DW

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