Albury Park Wedding Photography

This Albury Park wedding photography guide aims to review venue from a wedding photographers perspective.

Albury Park Mansion is one of those venues with lots going for it. It has oodles of character, no doubt a product of it’s long history which stretches over 400 years. A typically ‘British’ country mansion house which is both charming in it’s architecture and it’s grounds.

The approach to the front Albury Park Mansion provides a beautiful view which gives you the impression of both grandness but also warmth. Albury Park Mansion has a comfortably ‘lived in’ feel without looking shabby or run down. A practical grandness if you will, built at great luxury but also built to last.

The layout of the garden is very traditional and just what you would expect from an English country manor house and garden boasts some very mature trees to both provide shade and as a backdrop  for your wedding photography.

Around one side of the Mansion House there is a lawn raised up on two tiers, this provides a great ‘staging area’ to host a large group photograph as the guests can use the tiers almost as staging and the background is the beautiful building itself.

From a photography perspective the grounds offer everything a wedding photographer really needs. While it doesn’t have some of the more intricate features of other venues which were laid down later using more modern landscaping ideas, what it does offer is classic British charm and has a purity of space, architecture and scale. Albury Park is is a lovely garden in which to photograph a wedding.

The interior of the building is surprisingly ‘modern’. Not chrome and glass or whatever is currently in fashion, but has a contemporary and more hard wearing ‘modern’ feel than I would expect to find in a building so old. Neutral coloured walls and ceilings make flash photography easy and the rooms have a lovely warm feel to them.

The only criticism of the venue is that is was built long before disabled access was considered and as a grade II listed venue, the owners are unable to make alterations to accommodate. Disabled access isn’t actually that bad at all considering. At the main entrance there is a small set of perhaps 3 steps, however it is possible to make your way to the rear of the hotel and the gardens without having to use the steps at all. A minor point is the road leading up to the hotel and the path circling it are gravel which makes wheelchair access a little harder, although not impossible and it must be said the gravel path adds to the charm and design of the grounds.

I don’t believe the venue offers accommodation however and so this is a venue best suited between families who live locally.

In summary Albury Park is a fantastic wedding venue to hold your reception. Charming, spacious, luxurious and yet comfortably homely. I would most definitely recommend to a couple looking for a Manor House wedding venue to host their wedding reception.

I hope this Albury Park wedding photography review has been of use to you and if you would like to discuss your wedding photography with me at this, or any other venue, please feel free to get in touch.

Albury Park

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