About Us

About Us

I became interested in photography as a young boy, borrowing my fathers camera to take pictures in the local forest of where I grew up. After finishing university my interest became more intense and I would take photographs whenever I could afford the film for my old SLR camera. I got into weddings quite by chance, a friend’s wedding photographer fell off his motorbike the day before their wedding and I was put on standby to be the official photographer. As it happened they managed to find a professional but I still took a lot of informal photographs and to this day it’s my images that sit adorn their walls, not the replacement professional they found.

I really enjoyed my first little foray into wedding photography and so with some trepidation began offering my services for free to couples who could not afford a photographer while I learnt the ropes. In 2003 I had progressed to the point I was comfortable charging for my work and decided to turn professional and have been busy shooting wedding since!

Outside of my wedding photography I have a wife and family of my own, when I’m not working we are often found at the dance studio as we all compete in Ballroom and Latin American dancing. I met my own wife through dancing and we competed together and became firm friends as dance partners before marrying as life partners. With our daughter and son taking up the sport, dance is a bit of big thing in our house, but its lovely to have a sport we can all enjoy together.

I’m also very much into the outdoors and love being outside, walking and camping. I’m definitely not cut out for city life! I did work in the city of London for many years but I need wide open spaces and to look up at night and see real stars. Its a bit of a joke in my family that I prefer camping without a tent. I can’t deny it, if its not going to rain a sleeping bag and a hammock is all I need after a long day in the woods for a perfect nights sleep.

I think loving the outdoors is probably an extension of what drives me as a photographer. I’m a natural observer and appreciate the beauty all around me. From the way the light plays through the trees towards the end of the day to the sounds of Woodpeckers and my furry little friends moving through the undergrowth.

I am also a big believer and passionate about providing opportunities to young people. For the last 4 years I was a Sergeant Instructor in the Army Cadet Force and also used my photographic skills as the local area press officer. I have recently left to transfer to the Air Training Corps as I feel I can help the ATC achieve more as they are not so wrapped up in Red tape. Cadets is a big part of my life and something I have volunteered hundreds of hours too and I strongly believe helps shape young people into better adults. It also gives me an excuse to spend a whole weekend outdoors without a tent in site!

If people knew how hard I worked to get my mastery, it wouldn’t seem so wonderful after all. – Michelangelo

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