I started getting into photography as a young boy but first turned professional in 2003 at the tender age of 30. Fifteen years later and I still love it!

Outside of photography I’m a competitive dancer in ballroom and Latin American dancing.  I was lucky enough to come 5th place at the national finals in Blackpool this year in my ‘senior’ category. To support my dancing I also run, hit the gym and cycle and so it keeps me pretty fit. In fact since I restarted dancing a few years ago after a long break I have lost 60lb!

Strangely enough became more serious as an outlet for my creative side when I gave up competitive dance about 16 years ago. Back then we trained 22 hours a week and it all just got a bit too much. Suddenly I found I had a lot of extra free time each week!

I also volunteer at my local RAF Air Cadet squadron as a sergeant instructor.  I run the squadrons website and act as a photographer for the wider wing to give them media coverage at events they participate it. I love the outdoors, particularly walking and camping and so I’m currently training as a group walking leader to lead expeditions too.

January 2018 I also took over an allotment to grow vegetables. This took up a lot more time than anticipated this year so I’m trying some new techniques I’ve learnt over the year going forward to reduce the number of hours I need to do. Fingers crossed it won’t be so demanding in 2019.

Finally, I somehow fit in a regular day job as head of workplace productivity leading a group of software consultants. I did take my photography full-time for a couple of years and found so much work I had to turn it away but being completely self-employed never suited me.  The economic reality is a practice lead consultant earns more than a photographer and there is a lot to be said for sick pay, paid holidays and a pension! I stick to photography because I WANT to, not because I HAVE to!

Social Chameleon

I can fit into any situation be it informal or formal.


I enjoy everything about photography. It usually looks like I'm having fun because I usually am!


Hand in hand with enthusiasm is my energy. I can keep going all day!


I'm easy to talk to and put people at ease.


When you say you are going to do something and people are relying on you, you just have to get it done.

Dance Moves

Guilty! Who doesn't love a good dance?


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