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Wedding Photographer in Farnborough

I offer a quality wedding photography service in Farnborough, Hampshire. I also cover Camberley and surrounding areas. However, don’t be afraid to ask me to travel further, the furthest I’ve gone is Cyprus! I adore weddings photography and pride myself on the service I offer. I have 14 years wedding photography experience shooting in all weathers from sunshine to snow. When it absolutely has to be captured first time, you know you are in safe hands.

I think wedding photography should be relaxed because if you feel comfortable, you will look comfortable! Most of the images I take are natural or ‘reportage’ because I think it is the interactions between you and your guests that make your wedding special. You will also enjoy your day more because you avoid having to pose for endless photographs!

I do recommend you give me 20 minutes or so in order to spend on posed couple photographs. Additionally, I recommend couples to plan on at least some group wedding photographs. I plan on around 3 minutes per group, if your guests are cooperative we can normally photograph 10 different family groups in half an hour. Please note I am happy to photograph couple portraits and groups all day if required because I enjoy it. If however you are like most couples you will tire of group and posed photographs long before I will!

Please see my wedding photography section for more information.

Engagement Photography

Have you just decided to get married and want to celebrate your engagement in style? An Engagement photography shoot is a great way to capture the moment. It is also an excellent way to trial your potential wedding photographer. Please see my engagement photos page for more information.

Family & Portrait Photography

I also offer location based family and portrait photography. That means family and portrait photography anywhere but in the studio! I prefer working outdoors due to the variety and stunning backdrops available. Should we shoot in the forest, next to lake or in a urban setting? What is your favourite place?

I always think of portrait photography as a long term investment. Not because of the expense, because like wedding photography a portrait is one of the few purchases you can make that will last a lifetime. Whether that is a portrait of yourself or of your family.

When a parent looks back at a portrait of their grown up children I would bet none wishes they had less portraits of them. They grow up so fast we all want to capture them at different ages because they change so much.

Likewise if you thinking about a portrait of yourself, you should do it now because the reality is you will never get any younger than you are right now! Chances are that you are at the best you will ever look.

I find it incredible that in the UK the norm is that excluding vanilla school photographs, we do not get photographed professionally  until our wedding photography. This is something our American cousins do a lot better. Senior portraits as they hit 18 and leave school, a Christmas family portrait, career headshots and various other portraits at different stages throughout their lives. Why wait until your wedding?

Please see my portrait photography section for more details.

Senior Portrait Photography

Senior Portrait photography comes from the United States and is one of their better inventions. Take a young adult just as they leave college and photograph them in the spring bloom of adulthood. Capturing their youth forever. For young ladies in particular this is the perfect time to photograph them. Young men sometimes take a couple of more years to fill out.

A senior portrait session is an outdoor portrait session with a contemporary feel. Often using studio style lighting outdoors to give an editorial or fashion type of look. Chaperones are more than welcome, they should be somebody the senior will feel comfortable with. Perhaps a close friend although parents are also welcome.

Personal Photography Projects

Photography  isn’t just my business, its also a personal interest. I’m currently looking for suitable people  to take part in a number of personal projects. Anybody willing to take part will receive a copy of all of their images or if preferred up to five 12″x8″ prints.

My personal interests, as my work is based on portrait photography. I’m looking for people to take part in the following portrait projects.

Seasons of Life

The concept behind this project is to take portraits of both male and female subjects at different life stages corresponding to the four seasons of the year. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Each portrait will be taken outdoors in the corresponding season.

The objective of this series of portraits will be to highlight the different stages of life. This is in contrast to a regular portrait where the objective is to show everybody in their best light.

Spring Portrait: I am looking for male and female subjects, 16 to 23 years old. The mood would be one of youth and vitality captured against a typical spring backdrop.

Summer Portrait: I am looking for male and female subjects 23 to 35  years old. The narrative behind these images will be one of bounty. Green and full but without the colour or delicateness of spring. Strength, health and comfortable.

Autumn Portrait: I am looking for male and female subjects 35 to 45 years old. The story behind this portrait is one of the last crop of beauty with an underlying fading of youth and vitality. Beauty and decline, bounty and decay.

Winter Portrait: I am looking for male and female subjects 70 years plus. The concept behind this portrait is cruel winter. The portrait will be stark and bear to match a deciduous forest in winter.

Dance Forms and Figures

I am looking for talented dancers who are willing to collaborate.  The concept behind this project will be to capture the dancers against a simplified backdrop in order to accentuate the dancers form.